"The Whale Vomit Method—2nd Edition" is finally here!

This is that weird book that teaches you how to charge the highest possible prices for your stuff. That teaches you those three words you won't stop seeing everywhere now. That completely changes the way you look at yourself and your business.

What relevant and resonant value do you deliver?

The first step of the Whale Vomit Method demands that you deliver relevant and resonant value to the market. Discover how to quickly and seamlessly provide both.

Is it obvious how your stuff is unique?

Every strong brand claims to own a unique value proposition, but does the market agree? Discover how three words can instantly unlock crystal-clear differentiation.

How do you charge the highest price?

This unicorn will show you.

Teach me, Unicorn.

Because edited videos are boring...


I know, it was a powerful video. Just breathe. And then click the RED button. Then buy the book. Then read the book. Then use the book to do important things that help many more people, while earning you a lot more money. Then spend some of that extra money on chocolate covered almonds. Then send me these chocolate covered almonds in the mail. Then we're even.

Get "The Whale Vomit Method" on Amazon I want to re-watch this riveting video first

This book will make you think.

Especially if you don't like typical marketing or business books or books that aren't about deep-sea gigantism.

The paper in this book weighs 1.2 lbs.

Except for the Audible (audio) and Kindle (eBook) versions, of course, which weigh 0 lbs each.


Everyone knows life is won by the Do'ers, so stop reading and start doing! And then start reading again.

Yeah, I'm a Do'er

Need branding help?

Branding, marketing, advertising and copywriting (not to mention strategy) has kinda been my jam since 2007, but officially since 2010.


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