Discover How These Nine Heart-Centered, Service-Based Entrepreneurs Are Raising Their Prices 73%-900% Right Now—In the Middle of a Pandemic—Without Working More, Building a Bigger Team or Acting Like Greedy Bastards 

This is a half-day LIVE (no recordings) and VIRTUAL Workshop That Will Take Place on Saturday, May 15th from 12pm-5pm EST 


"What I've learned from Kevin about pricing and value has literally put millions of extra dollars in my pocket over the past 10 years. Up until now, he's been an underground secret weapon for a few hundred companies—but that's all about to change. Get in on this half-day intensive while you can."

Joshua Latimer, 

This Half-Day "Proven Profit Intensive" Is Happening In...









"Kevin helped me to raise my prices 73.7% in the middle of a pandemic, without working more! I used to price based on what I wanted to earn or thought I "should" earn. Now my pricing is rooted deeply in reality."

Oliver Manalese, Integrity Coach

You're About to Learn Why Raising Your Prices Is the Easiest Money You'll Ever Make (and So Ethical That You'll Sleep Soundly At Night)

Find Out Why Your Current Prices Are TIMID-AF

Discover the 7 most common pricing mistakes that service-based entrepreneurs like you make every day (and instantly fix them forever).

Discover the Weirdest Secret Behind the Correct Price For Every Service in the World (Including Yours) 

Accelerate your transition to your highest-ever prices (with a clear conscience).

Keep Your Eye On the Most Important Key to Working Less

It's not GROSS revenue and it's not NET revenue, and it will change everything for you.

Learn How to Slay the Green-Eyed Monster So it Stops Getting In the Way of the Most Aligned You 

Identify and replace your disempowering beliefs around the accumulation of wealth and liberate yourself to create.

Discover Why Charging Your Highest Price Is Actually What Your Best Clients Want 

Find out how pricing affects the physiological and psychological experience of your service from the client's perspective.

UnLearn the Worst Pricing Advice You've Ever Heard (That's Also Your Favorite Thing to Believe)

Once and for all, it no longer serves you.

Practice Value Engineering To Confidently Raise Your Prices the Highest They've Ever Been & Get the Most Money-In-Wallet ($MIW) By the Start of Summer 2021 

Remember: Your highest-ever prices are the gift that keeps giving. Without working more, building a bigger team or writing a ton of playbooks.


You'll also discover:


  • The Quickest Way To Activate Price Anchoring 

  • 4 Money-Evaporating Beliefs You Must Avoid 

  • How to Instantly Embed Price Credibility

  • How to Overcome the Progressive-Raise Myth

  • How to Unlock the Power of Value Innovation 

And much more! Come ready to learn and have fun!

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This Intensive Teaches  
Proven Strategy—No Theory

  In this fast-moving, half-day intensive, we'll dive into these 9 real-life case studies of heart-centered, service-based entrepreneurs just like you, and unpack:


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Become the Next Success Story (Risk-Free)

"Once Kevin helped me overcome my baggage around being greedy, I immediately raised my prices 105%. Even though I work part-time, in the last 6 months alone this price raise has put an extra $40,000 of pure profit directly into my wallet, and my customers are happier than ever."

Jesse Brown, Septic Engineer

How Would Your Life Change If Next Month, You Suddenly Had 105% More Income, Without Working More?

Straight Talk: 

8 Reasons Why This Half-Day "Proven Profit Intensive" Might Not Be For You


There's nothing worse than buying a ticket for a great event only to discover the curriculum won't do anything for you. To make sure that doesn't happen, here are 8 reasons why this half-day intensive may not be the right fit:

#1 You don't control your pricing

If you're a national distributor or operate a franchise, your mothership may determine what you can or cannot charge. If so, that means you're stuck with your low prices. This event is not for you. 

#2 You see wealth as greed

Although every single success story on this page felt at least some pangs of conscience for not wanting to be greedy when we first broached the conversation of pricing increases, if you experience a deeply visceral revulsion at even the thought of charging your customers a higher price—especially during a pandemic—then, this 5-hour "Proven Profit Intensive" isn't for you. 

#3 You ❤ your income level

Chasing unlimited wealth just for the thrill of it is a trap! If your current revenue streams adequately fund the life you desire—including your ideal home(s), city, wardrobe, shoes, bags, art, furniture, vehicles, philanthropy, food, drink, services, experiences, gifts for loved ones, and so on—then congratulations! This event isn't for you (assuming the next item is also true of you). 

#4 You ❤ your schedule

You're flush with time. If your current schedule features an ideal balance of work, family, friends, play, sleep, exercise, hobbies, travel, reading, experiences and downtime (and you have the funds you need to experience the life you desire), then you win life, my friend! This 5-hour intensive isn't for you. 

#5 You're not ready

On May 15th, we'll confront your deepestly-held beliefs around self-worth, possibility and greed. Not because it's fun to do so, but because it's necessary to do so—otherwise you'll forever sabotage even your most carefully crafted price raises (below your level of consciousness, without consciously realizing it). You're going to need to be okay with this life-changing work and come ready to engage. There might be tears. If you're not ready for that, then this 5-Hour transformative experience isn't for you. Not yet, anyway. 

#6 You can't lose friends

Losing friends when you achieve greater success is an inevitable part of the journey towards self-actualization. Earning at a level that wildly eclipses your current income (and hourly rate, in particular) dismantles the safe status quo of the people closest to you. Up until then, maybe you were the funny friend, or the kind friend, or the smart friend—not the wealthy friend. You experience lash out. Of course, it's not personal, they're just working through their own issues and aren't ready to be confronted by your success. Eventually they'll come around, but that might take a while. So yeah: if you have a pronounced, debilitating fear of losing any of your current connections in the creation of wealth, then you're not ready for the outcome this event will deliver. It's not for you. Yet. 

#7 You think this is nonsense

I get it. If you're not acquainted with the mechanics of pricing psychology, have never explored value innovation and aren't yet aware of identity's role as a causative force, then something like this 5-hour intensive can seem rather far-fetched and woo-woo. If your relationship to this work is one of absolute disbelief, then this event won't help you. To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, you will only achieve what your mind is open to believing. This event is not for you. Yet.

#8 You're drowning with zero time

If the idea of experiencing a half-day intensive that has the power to transform both yourself and your business is just way too overwhelming to even consider prioritizing right now, then my heart goes out to you. You're not ready for this. This is not for you. 

"When Kevin showed me how I could start charging 900% more than what I was charging at the time, I thought he was crazy. Until a serious, committed, ideal prospect paid me exactly that."

Theano, Sex & Relationship Coach



When you master pricing psychology & value innovation, what you get is... 

...the easiest shortcut to more money-in-wallet.

...the most bulletproof route to more hobbying

...the most under-used passport to adventure.

...the simplest system for working less

...the most effective doorway to more cuddle time.

...the quickest access to more sleep.

...the most reliable path to freedom.


And yet—despite all of this—if you're reading these words way down on this page, then I know your prices are still way too low—my hard-working, heart-centered, guilt-ridden, world-helping, money-needing, free-time-craving ServicePreneur friend.

On Saturday, May 15th we're going to change that for you, once and for all. 


Take Ownership Of Your Life & Be Decisive (Risk-Free)

Don't Miss Out: Only 100 Spots Are Available For This First-Of-Its-Kind Global Virtual Event

"Kevin helped me land my first-ever $100K+ coaching client in the middle of a pandemic, with a clear conscience! He knows his stuff."

Karan Nijhawan, Team Building Coach



P.S. If at the end of this 5-hr event, you don't believe that what you've learned will put at least $680 of extra money in your pocket in the next 10 days if you take action on it—that's an immediate guaranteed 10x ROI—just email a one sentence message to [email protected] (from the email you used to register), with the subject line REFUND, and I'll refund you right away.

You have my word on that.


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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures and results stated above are my personal sales figures and those of my clients and students inside my paid programs. Please understand my results are not typical, I'm not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of hands-on experience with marketing, branding, advertising, high-performance living, and copywriting the last 15 years, and have specialized knowledge and skills as a result. The average person who buys any "how to" information gets little to no results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will (always) vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not attend this event. Okay, enough lawyer talk. Because I love you and believe in you, I refuse to stand by and say nothing when I see you playing small. If you're still reading this, then let me be direct: the only way to create any transformation is to stop hiding and start taking responsibility for your life. And only you can make that decision. If you're ready to start taking ownership of your destiny, I'm here to help. Let's do this.