Is group coaching for you?

The best way to find out if we're a fit to work together is to TRY coaching before you BUY coaching.

Experience the transformative power of weekly 90-minute, real-time, fully-interactive, life-changing professional group coaching sessions, FREE, for 10 days.

Because I'm excited to launch my brand-new GROUP sessions for Unlock Your Next Level™—the same curriculum my one-on-one clients pay $3,260/month for—I want to give you a chance to find out if professional coaching is right for you FREE for 10 days, and if you love it then you can stay in the program for only $284/month. Cancel anytime.

WAIT—Before you grab this limited-time offer (expires at 5:00pm EST on April 30th, 2018), please review the terms and conditions below.


Weekly 90-min Unlock Your Next Level™ via video conference, held on Wednesdays @10:30am EST. This session is closed to the public and is available only to your fellow serious, growth-minded, paying members of the group coaching program.


Get the same proven curriculum that my private clients receive, built on the world's most rigorously tested, science-backed program for personal and professional performance. Access to a clients-only FB group for weekly personal access to Kevin and your fellow paying members to deepen your learning. Proprietary tools and resources to strengthen and equip you on your high performance journey.

*Special Offer Expires April 30th, 2018*


In one word: commitment

Are you willing to let yourself be pushed? To be asked difficult questions? To be challenged to step up like you've never stepped up before? 

The Small Print that's actually Large Print

By joining the Unlock Your Next Level™ program, you're committing to and accepting the following conditions:

✓ I am committed to improving my life and will participate fully in every session I attend.

✓ I am registering for monthly access to this weekly Live Unlock Your Next Level™ program, for the investment of $284/month, following my 10-day free trial.

✓ I will show up on time for every coaching session, so I can participate in the coaching and training provided, and if I miss the live session, I will watch the replay recording and do the work assigned.

✓ I understand that this coaching program is about improving both my professional and personal life and empowering me to reach new levels of performance and potential. I understand this level of development coaching is not therapy, not about rehashing the past over and over, and not about professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice. I understand the coaching is focused on what I can do now and in the future to experience more energy, success and fulfilment in life.

✓ I understand and agree that my results in life are up to me, and that by law my coach cannot guarantee my results in life or business, only my satisfaction, so my coach cannot be held liable under any circumstances for my results or actions. I understand my coach does, however, guarantee my satisfaction with my coaching experience and that if I wish to cancel before my initial 10-day free trial elapses, I will not be charged a penny. I further understand that I can cancel my enrolment in the program at any point, will not be billed for future months upon cancellation, and will no longer gain access to the program assets or it’s live or recorded coaching calls once my membership terminates.

✓ I understand that I am enrolling in group coaching, and as such, understand that not all questions will be answered or addressed during each coaching session. I further understand that I will receive access to a private clients-only FB group where further discussion and coaching will be provided by Kevin on a weekly basis.

✓ I understand I will gain access to high performance tools and worksheets to assist me on my path towards personal and professional development.

✓ I understand that during group coaching, Kevin may interrupt me if he hears something that can move me forward to get me the outcome I need on my path to high performance.

✓ I am willing to COMMIT and fight to live into my highest potential.

✓ I am ready to begin.

Sound like you? 

Click the green button that says "Purchase Offer" and then complete the checkout to begin your 10-day free trial. Let's find out if the revolutionary Unlock Your Next Level™ program is the right fit for you.

*Special Offer Expires April 30th, 2018*

Weekly GROUP Unlock Your Next Level™ Coaching

10-DAY FREE TRIAL. Exclusive access to the same world-class curriculum and tools as my one-on-one clients, to empower you on your path towards high performance. Live 90-min fully-interactive coaching sessions every Wednesday @1030am EST. Cancel anytime. 

$284.00 USD every month