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"Kevin was instrumental in helping me commit to the launch of my book and it finally happened! Highly recommend working with him if you have a dream begging to come to life."

Najeeb Khan
Author of Amazon #1 Best-Seller "Fluid"

"I've hired several advisors over the years but Kevin is the most transformational coach I've ever worked with. He's helped me discover blind spots that have unlocked some of the deepest, happiest growth I've experienced so far."

Sunny Verma
CEO, Tutor Bright (World's Largest 1:1 Tutoring Brand)

"I'm changing constantly, it's incredible. It's such a shift inside my head. And so fast and it feels so natural. Like the fear is gone."

Cara McCarron
President, The Content Company

"Have definitely been stepping into my power, which has been my guidance. Both myself and Jody (Sonia's business partner) have seen a change in ourselves and our business and we believe in the process! "

Sonia Yarkhani
Co-Owner, Evolve Hair Salon

Are your old stories (about yourself) and bad habits still getting in the way?

The language we use reveals how we see the world, and how we see the world determines how we show up in the world. Ready to fight for your next dream but not sure how to get unstuck? This book will help. Get the book, do the book, and then we'll talk.

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